Ultrafresh Making Difference One Diaper at a Time

About Ultrafresh

In an article published in a celebrated online magazine, Ultrafresh was described as “lightweight and flexible and is so thin babies can barely feel it.” It’s almost as if this diaper were tailor-made for your little one’s comfort. Interested in the brand? Let’s get to know more about Ultra Fresh.

Ultrafresh Brand Profile

Brand Name:Ultrafresh
Product Category: Diaper
Products: Diapers

Ultrafresh is a Filipino-owned diaper brand that was born in January 2019. The brand is dedicated to developing a diaper that is specially curated for baby’s comfort. They aim to achieve the best in diaper technology without compromising on affordability.

More than just making a profit, Ultrafresh wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of babies and their families. The brand understands the significant challenges faced by families who struggle to afford diapers. Ultrafresh believes that quality diapers are a fundamental necessity for the well-being of both babies and working families.

To support that cause, Ultrafresh initiated a donation drive. In 2021, Ultrafresh distributed 20,000 diapers to parents and families across various communities, including Manila-Barangay Panghulo in Obando Bulacan, Barangay Baesa in Caloocan, Barangay Cembo in Makati, and even to street families.

Why Choose Ultrafresh Diapers?

According to their website, Ultrafresh diapers have been meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology to deliver superior absorption while using less material. This innovative approach, allows them to create ultra-thin diapers, measuring only 2mm. 

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Ultrafresh aims to spark change one diaper at a time. Explore our range of Ultrafresh diapers in our product catalog. We offer different bundles and packages to help you save more on your every purchase. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts and deals when you shop with us. 


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