Embracing Sustainability Unveiling GNPI and Its Sustainable Vision

About GNPI

We owe a lot to mother earth for her abundant resources. She has given us the bounty of the oceans and the land, and we depend on her for our daily needs. Our beloved planet is also the source of the quality products of General Nutrifoods Philippines, Inc (GNPI). 

GNPI Brand Profile 

Brand Name:General Nutrifoods Philippines, Inc
Product Category: Food products,  
Products: Canned tuna, canned sardines, dried fruit 

Established in 2015, General Nutrifoods Philippines, Inc. is a company that delivers world-class quality food brands and products. It is a subsidiary of RD Corporation, which engages in the trading of fast-moving consumer goods in the Philippines and other countries.

GNPI promises to delight customers both at purchase and usage points.  The company strives for excellence in all aspects of its operations, from developing and launching new products and brands to partnering with like-minded organizations that share its goals, ways of working, and ethics.

Why choose GNPI products?

GNP is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of its business and the communities it serves. The company promises to partner only with fishing companies that embrace sustainable practices throughout their operations, from fishing methods to canning processes and even distribution. GNPI considers not only economic sustainability but also environmental preservation and social accountability.

Brands Under GNPI 

  1. Gold Seas

This brand carries tuna products of GNPI. Currently, Gold Seas Tuna Chunks is the only product under this brand. It’s a premium quality product that is made of premium tuna from the South Pacific. The company ensures that they only use sustainable methods to catch tuna for this product. 

  1. Don Primo

Don Primo is another canned seafood brand under the umbrella of GNPI. This brand offers a variety of canned seafood products that are delicious and affordable. They are known for their canned sardines in tomato sauce. But, they also offer canned tuna that is available in different flavors such as flakes in oil, spicy, asado, estofado, lechon paksiw, and mechado. Like GNPI, Don Primo uses sustainable fishing practices to create quality products. 

  1. Dolly 

Dolly is also a brand owned by GNPI. Unlike the two previous brands, Dolly has more diverse products in its catalog. Their products are not limited to seafood only. Aside from tuna flakes that are available in two flavors, the brand also offers dried fruits and palm oil. 

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