Theodore’s Wooden Cleaning Caddy Set (New Mom in the Block)

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Prepare your nursery for your precious baby with this amazing caddy set from Theodore! This carefully curated package includes five of Theodore’s top-notch nursery care essentials: Calming Mist, Nursery Freshener, Toy & Nursery Cleaner, Bottle & Utensil Cleaner, and Baby Laundry.

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Theodore's Cleaning Caddy Set


Availability: 3 in stock

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Product Description

The Theodore’s baby bundle set is designed to cater to all your nursery needs, ensuring that your little one’s surroundings are not just clean but also fresh and comforting. Every product in this package uses mommy-safe and baby-safe ingredients only!

Complete Baby Bundle

Whether you need to sanitize toys, wash bottles, freshen up the air, or do laundry, Theodore has you covered. You’ll get everything you need to keep your baby’s environment clean, fresh, and soothing.

Natural and Gentle

All of these products are made with natural ingredients and gentle formulas that are safe for your baby and the planet. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with using products crafted with the utmost care for both moms and babies.

Best Gifts for Moms

Show mom you care by considering what their baby needs first! Surprise her with everything she needs before the baby arrives, and you’re sure to be her favorite guest when you walk into the room.

Theodore’s Cleaning Caddy Set Inclusions:

  • Calming Mist 500 ml
  • Nursery Freshener 500 ml
  • Toy & Nursery Cleaner 500 ml
  • Bottle & Utensil Cleaner 500 ml
  • Baby Laundry 1L

4 reviews for Theodore’s Wooden Cleaning Caddy Set (New Mom in the Block)

  1. J******* B* (verified owner)

    Perfect Bundle

    It’s a complete package that has everything I need to keep my baby’s nursery clean. Nice bundling. Thank you.

  2. P******* K****** C* (verified owner)

    Perfect Baby Shower Gift

    I already trust Theodore’s brand as gentle and safe for babies. That’s why when I saw this on sale, I immediately bought this for my friend for her baby shower. She loved it. Definitely a great way to spoil a new mom and her baby!

  3. R**** B* (verified owner)


    Magaan sya pero sobrang matibay. Kayang makipagsabayan sa malakasang trabaho. Ang bilis mag-drill kahit sa semento. Very satisfied.

  4. J**** M**** (verified owner)

    Delicate Products Grouped together

    Wow. All these products are good for baby’s sensitive skin. Great bundling strategy. Kudos to this shop. I would definitely recommend this product to all new parents.

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