Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent 1Gal

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“Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent stands out as the top choice for mouse-proofing your home. With a gallon of Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent formula, you can protect your home home from pest all year round

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Availability: 10 in stock

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Product Description

Are you looking for the best rodent repellent? If you’re eager to keep rodents and mice away without resorting to harsh chemicals, Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent is your ideal solution. This natural-based product stands out as the top choice for mouse-proofing your home.

Made from a blend of potent and aromatic herbs including fruit extract distillate, peppermint, and clove bud essential oils, this formulation has a historical track record of naturally deterring mice and rodents.

Theodores’ Rodent Deterrent not only keeps your space rodent-free but also does so in a way that is gentle on both the environment and the mice themselves. Say goodbye to mice-related woes with this powerful and eco-friendly rodent-repellent solution.

Natural and Non-Toxic:

We craft Theodore’s Rodent Repellent with care and attention, using only the natural and finest ingredients. Our formula contains distilled water, fruit extract distillate, peppermint, and clove bud essential oils.

How to use Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent?

This product is designed for refilling Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent Spray.

To effectively use this solution, follow these steps:

  1. Shake well before each use.
  2. Spray a generous amount in cupboards, attics, basements, along baseboards, windowsills, exit and entrance doors, or anywhere mice may be invading your home.
  3. Apply as soon as the fragrance wears off to maximize its effectiveness.

Although this product can prevent a rat infestation, eradication requires treatment from your pest control professional. Use this spray to complement the efforts during the removal process and to keep them from coming back into your home.

Safe Around Kids and Pets

Crafted with natural and non-toxic ingredients, Theodore’s Rodent Repellent is safe for use around kids and pets.

6 reviews for Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent 1Gal

  1. C**** (verified owner)

    Mas Mura sa Ibang Store!

    This is really a steal for me. Actually, mas mura sya sa ibang store, including the official store sa Shopee. I was doubtful at first, but I’m glad the solution is authentic. I know this because we’ve been using Theodore brand, matagal na.

  2. J*** (verified owner)

    Pang malakasan refill

    I’ve been looking for this product. Wala na ito sa ibang store, mabilis talaga maubos. Pang malakasang refill para sa mabait.

  3. J*** (verified owner)

    Effective but be consistent

    Na-solve na namin problem sa daga thanks to this product. Pero kailangan yung consistent na pagamit to stay that way. This is the reason why we decided to buy 1 gallon na haha

  4. K***** (verified owner)

    Authentic Theodore Product

    I’ve been looking for Theodore products for a long time online. Thankfully, I found this store. The product is legit. There is no nasty smell. I feel safe talaga when I use Theodore’s product.

  5. I*** (verified owner)

    Thank you

    I decided to buy 1 gallon na since we really need it at home. For me, it’s the best and most efficient choice in our location, rather than buying the spray bottle. The delivery time could be better, but I understand since we’re in Mindoro. Thank you for this seller.

  6. K***** (verified owner)

    Unlimited Refill!

    Thank you so much! Ang laki ng discont. I’ve been using Rodent Deterrent spray sa apartment namin sa Sta. Mesa. I am constantly spraying this solution around our place kasi outside are infested talaga ng mga mabait.

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