UltraFresh Training Pants / Pull Up Diapers for Babies 9kgs up to 14kgs (32pcs/ pack)

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UltraFresh Ultra Thin and Dry Training Pants, Large 32pcs, for Babies 5kgs to 11kgs.

These UltraFresh Training Pants Diapers offer superior comfort and leak protection for your little ones. They are lightweight, flexible,  and so thin that babies can barely feel them.

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UltraFresh Training Pants Diaper 32pcs


Availability: 12 in stock

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Product Description

All UltraFresh toddler training pants and diapers have been meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology to deliver superior absorption while using less material. This innovative approach allows the brand to create ultra-thin training pants and diapers, measuring only 2mm.

Thin and Lightweight

The UltraFresh training pants diaper isn’t your regular diaper. It’s only 2mm ultra-thin, half as thick as traditional diapers on the market. It is also designed to be lightweight and flexible to accommodate your baby’s free movements.

High Absorption Capacity

The UltraFresh training pants diaper has a high absorption capacity suitable for day and night use. It can prevent the liquid from going back in the reverse direction.

Helps Prevent Diaper Rash

It has rapid-acting dryness that keeps moisture away from the baby’s skin, helping to prevent diaper rash.

Soft Materials

The UltraFresh training pants are made from soft materials that resemble cotton underwear. They’re perfect for tropical weather.

More Reasons to Be Excited about UltraFresh Training Pants Diapers

  • Lightweight and Flexible: Accommodate your baby’s free movements.
  • Enlarged Elasticized Waistband: Additional stretchy side for a better snug fit for active babies.
  • No Bulge or Sagging: Even when full.
  • Minimum Bulk: Between the legs for a comfortable fit.
  • Space-Efficient: Takes up less shelf space at home or on the go.
  • Perfect for Tropical Weather: Designed for optimal comfort in warm climates.
  • High Absorption Capacity: Suitable for day and night use.
  • Reverse Liquid Restriction: Prevents liquid from going back in the reverse direction (wet-back).

6 reviews for UltraFresh Training Pants / Pull Up Diapers for Babies 9kgs up to 14kgs (32pcs/ pack)

  1. R***** (verified owner)

    Very Absorbent

    Maganda yung diaper. Absorbent yung product. Will buy again kapag naubos yung nabili ko.

  2. R**** (verified owner)

    Legit Item

    Sobrang ganda talaga ng quality ng diaper na ito. Buti nalang legit yung item dito.

  3. C******* (verified owner)

    Very Thin

    Very thin. Gusto ng baby ko.

  4. I***** (verified owner)

    Hiyang sa baby ko

    I love Ultrafresh diaper. Hiyang sa baby ko. Mas mura rin sya sa ibang brand

  5. A*** (verified owner)

    Trusted brand ko sya

    Been using this product since 1 year old ang baby ko. Kaya nung nakita ko dito, bumili agad ako ng marami. Sayang discount eh haha

  6. H**** (verified owner)

    Thin but absorbent

    Thin pero very absorbent. Love ko na sya.

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