Theodore’s Plant Care Leaf Polish Lemon Grass Scent – 500ml


Plant Care Leaf Polish Lemon Grass Scent – 500ml

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Availability: 7 in stock

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Houseplants add beauty to your home but the foliage can develop a dull appearance over time due to the build-up of minerals from water, dust, and dirt.
The oils and waxes from other shine products also end up sticking to dust particles, making upkeep challenges.
Use a natural leaf polish that allows your plants to breathe through their leaves’ little pores without clogging them.
Plants are gorgeous au natural, but this leaf polish will enhance your plants’ beauty and keep them looking at their best, without sacrificing their health.
Animal Testing Free
Scent: Lemongrass

How to Use:
Shake well before each application.
Apply a light mist to your plant using a soft cloth or a clean and soft cosmetic brush (for small and delicate ones) to remove any debris or dust from the leaves.
Wipe the leaves’ undersides and stems to help remove pests such as spider mites.
Mist the whole plant with distilled water.
Made thoughtfully with distilled water, distilled vinegar, castile soap, and lemongrass essential oil.
Color of bottle: Amber

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