BEST SELLER Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent 1 Liter


Rodent Deterrent 1 Liter

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Availability: 37 in stock

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Product Description

Theodore’s Rodent Deterrent 500ml – All Natural Pest Control Insecticide Sprays Chemical Free
– This organic handcrafted solution is fused with distilled water, grain alcohol, peppermint, and clove bud essentials oils.
– This potent formulation contains strong and aromatic herbs that are historically proven to naturally ward off mice while
remaining kind of our environment.
– It is vegan chemical free.
– It is antibacterial and biodegradable.
– The product is made in small batches so freshness is guaranteed.

Directions :
– Shake well before each use
– Spray liberally in cupboards, attics, basements along baseboards, windows and etc.
– Apply as soon as the fragrance wears off to maximize the effectiveness
– It requires treatment from your post control professional

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